Complete Reviews of Best Air Rifle from Several Famous Manufacturers

Before purchasing an air rifle, it is better to know several types of air rifle so that we’ll find the best air rifle. Every type of air rifles has different advantages and weaknesses. There is pump pneumatic air rifle, air rifle with spring system, pre-charged pneumatic air rifle, CO2 air rifle, and so on. We could find air rifle easily today. Just activate your internet connection and you’ll find many air rifles available on the online stores. Some of them are affordable while the others are pricey. Find the best air rifle below.

Top Selling Air Rifles of 2016

Name / Image Learn MoreRatingCaliberVelocityScopeAmmunitionWeightPrice
Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk Break Barrel

Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk Break Barrel

view pricefull review 4 Star Average Rating .177Up to 1000 fps3-9x32 mmPellets7.4 pounds$$$$
Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump

Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump

view pricefull review 4 Star Average Rating .22Up to 685 fps-Pellets5.5 pounds$$$$
Gamo Big Cat 1250

Gamo Big Cat 1250

view pricefull review 4.5 Star Average Rating .177Up to 1250 fps4x32 mmpellet6.1 pounds$$$$
Daisy PowerLine 880

Daisy PowerLine 880

view pricefull review 4 Star Average Rating .177Up to 750 fps4x15 mmpellets5.8 pounds$$
Gamo Hornet

Gamo Hornet

view pricefull review 4.5 Star Average Rating .177Up to 1200 fps4x32 mmpellet6.1 pounds$$$

5 Of Best Air Rifles Reviews

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle

Gamo Silent Cat Air RifleGamo has an air rifle that’s known as Gamo Silent Cat or Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle. This air rifle from Gamo has some magnificent features for you including the black synthetic material that is able to withstand any weather so you can hun whenever you want. This air rifle from Gamo is also equipped with rubber pad that will improve the recoil absorption. Besides, this air rifle comes with fiber optic sights to help you see your target clearer.

This Gamo’s air rifle also has safety system for both its manual trigger and its automatic cocking. This air rifle is one of the most effective adult air rifles that have high power. With its special features, you can use this air rifle for your pest control and for game hunting. Gamo Silent Cat is also equipped with noise dampener that minimizes the noise when you use this gun. This gun allows you to hunt in a silent environment.

Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle

Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air RifleGamo is not the only manufacturer of great quality air rifle, there is also Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel from Crosman. Crosman has numerous air rifles; one of them is Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle (22) that’s presented by Nitro Piston. If you’re looking for an air rifle for a pest control or small game-hunting, Crosman Nitro Venom is the best choice.

This air rifle from Crosman gives you some benefits you won’t find in other air rifles including smoother shooting and cocking, the torque and spring won’t be fatigue even though the spring is cocked for several hours. This air rifle lets you to use this in any weather, even in cold weather and the air rifle will work perfectly. Besides, this air rifle allows you to shoot in high speed. It is also reliable, accurate, and also powerful. The most important thing of all is that this is inexpensive.

Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper IGT Air Rifle

Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper IGT Air RifleGamo has another product except its Silent Cat, there is Gamo Silent Stalker. Just like the other air rifles from other manufacturers or from Gamo, Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper IGT Air Rifle has some benefits. The very first benefit is that this Silent Stalker is truly easy to shoot since this air rifle is made from molded synthetic material in high quality.

You’ll feel more comfortable and smooth when you’re using this air rifle while hunting. Besides, this air rifle from Gamo is very powerful. If you need something effective for pest control, use this silent stalker. It is very effective to eliminate every target. Silent Stalker from Gamo is also very quiet. This weapon is completed with ND52 technology that’s able to dampen every noise so you can hunt quietly. Another benefit of this weapon from Gamo is that it is light in weight that allows you to carry and use it easily.

Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle

Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air RifleAnother air rifle you can consider for pest control and game hunting is from Ruger, the Ruger Blackhawk Combo. This Ruger’s weapon has wonderful features including shock resistant and water resistant so you can use this even in rain season. The trigger is adjustable that allows you to adjust it with your comfort. Ruger’s Blackhawk Combo air rifle comes with spring piston break barrel and it is equipped with automatic safety. If your priority in buying new air rifle is an easy to use feature, then this product is the right choice.

Beside its automatic safety, this air riffle also has areas of flexible grip that eases you to hunt with this weapon. Ruger Blackhawk Combo is also durable because of it is resistant to water, shock, and even fog. Hunt anytime you want without worrying its durability. This gun is also the best one for your teenager since it is not heavy.

Daisy Outdoor Products Red Ryder Gun

Daisy Outdoor Products Red Ryder GunNow, we’d like to tell you the special features and benefits Red Ryder Gun product: Daisy outdoor product. Daisy Outdoor Red Ryder Gun looks so handsome with some touches of solid wood that has been stained, this is the best gun for people who want to hold good looking gun while hunting. That makes this Gun special that this gun is suitable for young people and adults, even ten years old kid can use this weapon as long as he is supervised by professional and experienced adult.

This weapon can be used by children since there are only three steps needed to operate this gun: first is cock, and then aim, and finally shoot. So even though you’re a beginner, this awesome Red Ryder Gun weapon is a great choice for you. Next benefit of this air rifle is this weapon needs low maintenance. Just remember to take good care of this air rifle and you’ll be able to use it in long time.

So, every air rifle from different manufacturer has different features and different advantages. Use the reviews above to determine the right and best air rifle. Compare an air rifle with another product before you buy it. Don’t just watch the appearance of an air rifle; make sure it has wonderful features to help you do the best in game hunting and controlling pest.